Published: Fri, July 13, 2018
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Mueller Indicts 12 Russian Spies for Hacking in 2016 Campaign

Mueller Indicts 12 Russian Spies for Hacking in 2016 Campaign

United States intelligence agencies concluded that the accounts were hacked as part of a wide-ranging operation ordered by Putin to damage Clinton's bid for the presidency and assist Trump's campaign.

The US justice department has indicted 12 Russian intelligence officers for hacking the Democratic National Committee in the 2016 election.

Rosenstein said the announcement of the charges on Friday took place because that was when the special counsel's office had completed its work investigating them and had the ability to present the evidence to a grand jury.

The indictments were filed by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, who is investing possible collusion between the presidential campaign of President Donald Trump and the Russian spies U.S. intelligence agencies say interfered with the 2016 election.

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But Trump has frequently wavered on the question of whether Moscow interfered in the 2016 election, which he feels he has not received enough credit for winning.

Along with breaking into the DNC and Clinton's campaign, the spies named in the indictment also hacked the state boards of elections, secretaries of state and companies that provided election software to steal information about voters. They used a scheme known as "spearfishing" which tricked users into disclosing their information that allowed hackers to gain access to emails.

Rosenstein briefed President Trump on the coming indictment earlier this week.

"It's important not to think as Republicans or Democrats, but patriotically as Americans", he said.

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The indictment - which comes days before President Donald Trump holds a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin - was the clearest allegation yet of Russian efforts to meddle in American politics.

In his Friday announcement, Rosenstein called for an end to partisan fighting over the Russian Federation investigation, just one day after a Congressional panel grilled the former FBI agent Peter Strozk over his private text messages that were critical of Donald Trump.

They corresponded with 'several Americans, ' he said, but the DOJ is not alleging htat any of them knew they were talking with Russian agents.

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