Published: Thu, July 12, 2018
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Starr reacts to Kavanaugh nomination

Starr reacts to Kavanaugh nomination

King said the other reason is that the person will replace Justice Anthony Kennedy, considered the swing vote on the court. John McCain of Arizona, nearly every vote matters.

Barring any unexpected discoveries, do you expect Kavanaugh's nomination to be successful?

Heller is running for reelection in a state Hillary Clinton won.

President Donald Trump may relish his status as an outsider, but Kavanaugh is anything but. Orrin Hatch of Utah, Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn of Texas and Lindsey Graham of SC.

Trump even kept his decision from lawmakers until just before his 9 p.m. announcement Monday, informing senators of his decision during a reception in the State Dining Room before his prime time address. "Don't defame him for living a life most of us would be proud of", Graham said. "And I am very concerned about what his nomination will mean for future generations on these issues and so many more".

Democrats are anxious that Kavanaugh will join with the court's other four conservative members to reverse legalized abortion in the United States. "I will be diligent in measuring the record and in undertaking an independent review". Shortly after, Democrats said they would not support this nominee.

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Hamilton admits he's concerned about Kavanaugh's connection to ObamaCare.

Some conservative critics faulted Kavanaugh for not taking up the merits of the dispute and declaring the ACA unconstitutional.

The 2018 salary of a Supreme Court associate justice is $255,300, according to the US Courts.

Trump's choice was met with predictable reactions from Republicans and Democrats.

Kavanaugh may also face scrutiny from Senate Democrats over allegations that he misled the judiciary committee when nominated for the DC court of appeals over his knowledge of detention programs for enemy combatants in the Bush administration. Trump ended up picking a former clerk of Kennedy's. "And a president who is concerned about an ongoing criminal investigation is nearly inevitably going to do a worse job as president". "I expect his confirmation to go well".

Democrats, as the Senate minority, have few options to block Kavanaugh.

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This issue may not get as much buzz as abortion or health care, but it's probably the one that's directly relevant to Trump. He's also sided with abortion opponents.

But: Donnelly has also demonstrated a willingness to vote against Trump on big votes, like the tax bill. Kavanaugh would decimate reproductive rights, voting rights, workers' rights, LGBTQ rights, and immigrant rights for generations. "I have every confidence that this man is going to be confirmed, as he well should be". Some Democrats said Kavanaugh, a more committed conservative, could disrupt precedents like Roe v. Wade, which said women have the constitutional right to abortions. "On occasion, a Kavanaugh opinion siding with the EPA's opponents has been a win for environmental interests, as in Natural Resources Defense Council v. EPA, in 2014, in which he wrote an opinion that vacated an EPA rule establishing an affirmative defense for cement-kiln operators sued for exceeding emission limits". Since this case, the Supreme Court has not taken a case related to gun control, despite having opportunities to do so.

And make no mistake: A vote against Kavanaugh will be highly controversial in those states. That's something that Paul, who has a strong libertarian streak, has been vocal about opposing.

In a statement Monday night, Heitkamp said the process for selecting Gorsuch was "exhaustive and fair". "I look forward to meeting with him and discussing his record first-hand".

Collins is the likeliest to cross party lines. Ben Sasse (R-NE) agrees with Tillis that Democrats will dominate the hearings with questions on Roe v. Wade.

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