Published: Thu, July 12, 2018
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Giants select CB Sam Beal in third round of 2018 supplemental draft

Giants select CB Sam Beal in third round of 2018 supplemental draft

Washington responded by signing Orlando Scandrick to a two-year deal. Sometimes, these prospects just missed the deadline for paperwork for the spring's draft, but typically some other kind of circumstance leads to the decision (academic ineligibility, off-field issues, etc.). Faced with some academic issues that might have prevented him from regaining eligibility for his senior season, Beal was compelled to enter the supplemental draft this summer. The other one who had a chance to be drafted was Mississippi State defensive back Brandon Bryant.

However, there is buzz that some teams may be willing to forfeit as high as a second-round selection for Beal.

Below is a list of this year's eligible Supplemental Draft prospects, complete with a brief scouting report, athletic testing results, character and background information, which teams have interest in them and which teams might end up signing them this season.

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To select a player in the supplemental draft, a team will submit a bid with a round value attached to a prospect... Sure, his net average of 39 wasn't very good comparatively, but part of that fell on the Redskins special teams unit and their penchant for giving up big plays. In 1988, Minnesota used a fifth-round draft pick to acquire SC wide receiver Ryan Bethea and haven't utilized the system to add another player since.

The Player: Carter is estimated about 6-foot, 200 pounds, although he did not have time for a pro day to verify his measurables. No players were selected in the last two supplemental drafts. Each group has its own lottery drawing to determine the order, which is decided shortly before the supplemental draft starts.

Chances are that Beal, Alexander and the rest will get a shot somewhere in the National Football League, whether any teams try to draft them on Wednesday or not. But don't expect a new Colt to be announced tomorrow. It also includes colorful Oklahoma linebacker Brian Bosworth (to Seattle) in 1987, Miami quarterback Steve Walsh (to Dallas) in 1989, Washington State quarterback Timm Rosenbach (to Phoenix) in 1989, Alabama running back Bobby Humphrey (to Denver) in 1989, Syracuse wide receiver Rob Moore (to the N.Y. Jets) in 1990 and Duke quarterback Dave Brown (to the N.Y. Giants) in 1992. The Colts are looking at 6 selections in the first 4 rounds next April, so it wouldn't be as crippling to make a "high risk, high reward" move on a player like Alexander or Beal. They should certainly consider it and potentially bid a late-rounder for a guy like Beal - even though it won't be enough to get him - but anything more than a fifth-round pick should be out of the question.

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As for Beal the player, he's a talented cover corner. During his three-year college career, Alexander tallied seven interceptions and 17 passes defended, 91 solo tackles, and one sack.

Is it worth the risk to take such a player who has been more than troublesome for his college team? His hips are pretty good and he's able to make turns and run with opponents. Players who go undrafted become free agents. The third group has all the teams that did make the playoffs.

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