Published: Thu, July 12, 2018
Technology | By Christopher Mann

Fortnite Season 5 Teaser Image Released

Fortnite Season 5 Teaser Image Released

In lieu of simply announcing what the newest addition to the game will be, the developers will often leave cryptic hints and easter eggs scattered across the island (or in the game's code) for the most dedicated fans to decode ahead of time. The studio has definitely promoted the title in a creative way, as many in-game assets have now been disappearing due to dimensional rifts showing up, with the portals having supposedly transported them to our world.

Then, a landmark from the game the real world.

. To make it all even more interesting, a real-life Durr Burger statue was placed in the real world, near Palmdale, California.

To satisfy the nay-sayers, he also posted a video of the statue.


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You can take a look at the video below which shows the stagecoach making it's way to Fortnite through the mysterious portal.

There's been two in London, as well as one each in Barcelona, Cannes, Cologne, Paris, and Warsaw.

Since Llamas were added to the game in March, the lovable "creature" has become a mascot for Fortnite. Epic has started to spawn in seemingly random and larger objects all over the map.

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Because each in-game season is themed, fans have been scrambling to put all the puzzle pieces together before the big reveal this Thursday. My money is on this being a constantly changing event, with the Wild West featured during Fortnite Season 5 week 1, before the island is then sent through time to the dinosaurs, or something just as cool!

While you may have expected it to happen, we now know that a new Fortnite update is being released this week.

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