Published: Thu, July 12, 2018
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European Union warns May that Brexit plans must be workable

European Union warns May that Brexit plans must be workable

Under Conservative Party rules, a confidence vote in a leader can be triggered if 15 percent of Conservative lawmakers - now 48 - write a letter requesting one.

However, it would make new free trade deals with certain countries, like the US, much less likely, and would leave the United Kingdom under some influence of the European Court of Justice.

An agreement was announced after the 12-hour meeting, but many Brexiteers have been unhappy with the deal which they think will lead to the "worst of both worlds".

While the theatre for prosecuting this new diplomatic virtual war to reacquire independence for Britain was the European Union headquarters in Brussels, it has now spread its tentacles to Westminster, to the Labour Party, the DUP coalition partner, Conservatives, the media, the business community, and the people themselves who conducted a million-people march against Brexit through the streets of London recently.

May's proposals for a "common rulebook" on goods "hands control of large swathes of our economy to the EU", he said. Mr. Johnson was quickly replaced by 51-year-old former Health Minister Jeremy Hunt, who unlike Mr. Johnson supported staying in the European Union in the 2016 referendum.

That was despite the likes of Mr Johnson and Mr Davis privately expressing their reservations about the prime minister's strategy.

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"It is a vision that respects the result of the referendum, and delivers a principled and practical Brexit".

Nick Hurd, Britain's Policing Minister, told parliament police expected more than 100 protests across the country, including two large demonstrations in London on Friday, and there were robust and proportionate plans in place.

Under her proposal, a treaty would be signed committing the UK to "continued harmonisation" with EU rules - avoiding friction at the UK-EU border, including Northern Ireland.

European Union negotiator Michel Barnier welcome the publication of the plans and said he looked forward to resuming negotiations next week after he had studied them. They've said it must be one or the other, and that a deep and frictionless free-trade arrangement must be bundled with the single market's free movement of people.

For the City of London the plan would propose "a looser partnership" with the European Union rather than original proposals for "mutual recognition" of British and European Union rules after Britain leaves the bloc in March, the Financial Times reported. "We are supporting Theresa for PM".

But prominent Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg described it as a "breakdown in trust" and said Mrs May must now U-turn or be forced to rely on Labour votes to get her legislation through Parliament.

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What has been the reaction from the EU?

What does it all mean for Brexit?

They won't succeed in frustrating that plan.

Caulfield said in her resignation letter that "I cannot support the direction of travel in the Brexit negotiations, which in my view do not fully embrace the opportunities that Brexit can provide".

May appointed staunchly pro-Brexit lawmaker Dominic Raab as the country's new Brexit secretary.Many pro-Brexit lawmakers were furious at what they saw as a sell-out of the clean Brexit they desire.

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