Published: Tue, July 10, 2018
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Senator predicts 'rough, tough … ear-pulling fight' over Trump court pick

Senator predicts 'rough, tough … ear-pulling fight' over Trump court pick

His Supreme Court shortlist is said to include conservative Appeals Court Judges Amy Coney Barrett, Thomas Hardiman, Brett Kavanaugh and Raymond Kethledge.

"Justice Kavanaugh has the most experience but Justice Hardiman is the one that will get through the Senate more easily and he would bring better legal mind to the United States or in court than all four", Valentino told News10NBC.

Ahead of the decision, Trump has built suspense about who his pick will be.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) said Sunday President Trump is acting like a "puppet" for outside groups and claimed Trump is set to nominate a "fringe ideologue" to the Supreme Court.

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Trump's Monday night nomination will be his second since he entered the White House.

Barrett, 46, is a former law clerk to the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

Trump is said to have particularly liked Hardiman's life story.

"Trump has enjoyed teasing details of his process in recent days, saying Thursday that he was down to four people and 'of the four people, I have it down to three or two". Barrett, in her mid-40s, is a judge for the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals; she was nominated by Trump. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) told the president over the weekend that Hardiman and Kethledge would face the fewest obstacles to confirmation.

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Kethledge, a graduate of the University of Michigan Law School, is a former Kennedy clerk and a former in-house lawyer at Ford Motor Co. She pointed to the confirmation process of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in 1993 in which she said that all women should be afforded the right to privacy to make their own decision.

Such comments are likely to raise a red flag to moderate Republican senators like Susan Collins, R-Maine, who have said they would not vote for a nominee who has expressed doubts about overturning precedents when it comes to abortion and other long-standing Supreme Court decisions. Kavanaugh worked in the administration of each President Bush and also for independent counsel Kenneth Starr in the investigation that eventually led to the impeachment of President Bill Clinton. As an appeals court judge, Kethledge authored several notable opinions, including one that upheld the death penalty against a suspect who murdered a woman on federal land and a case in OH that questioned whether private citizens can sue the state for failing to enforce pollution controls. While that argument won't sway Republicans, their strategy could stiffen Democratic resolve to oppose the nominee.

"Maybe a handful of Democrats will vote for a Trump pick because they have to politically", Graham said. All have a solidly conservative voting record and Judge Barrett, a member of a Catholic revivalist group named People of Praise, is said to be most open to overturning Roe v Wade, the... Ten Democrats from states that Trump won are up for re-election this fall and will be under tremendous pressure to back the president's nominee. "I'm very confident with this president's enthusiasm and with Leader McConnell's enthusiasm that they can get anybody confirmed".

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