Published: Sun, July 08, 2018
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Nintendo Switch Skyrim Mod Support Not Planned: Bethesda

Nintendo Switch Skyrim Mod Support Not Planned: Bethesda

On the other hand, he says it's "not something we're actively doing".

Valve revealed its most played titles throughout 2018 so far, led by multiplayer games such as Dota 2, GTA V and PUBG which all managed to pull over 100,000 simultaneous players.

Skyrim on Nintendo Switch will ever have a Creation Club for accessing mods as it does on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The reported futher inquired: "Will you bring mods to Skyrim on Switch?" to which he replied that "We are not actively doing that, we would love to see it happen but it's not something we're actively doing". Howard went on to explain that Bethesda's Switch team has been working on Fallout Shelter, which has surprised him with its quality. But, at the end of the day, the Creation Club is just something we have to deal with. "People, they're on other things". Bethesda's studio head Todd Howard has now made it abundantly clear that isn't the case, during an interview with at Gamelab in Barcelona.

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"Corporately we've done a mix; people forget sometimes".

Pushed to answer directly if mods were coming, Howard didn't rule it out, but also didn't make it sound like we could expect them any time soon, if at all.

"It's definitely a lighter touch, which surprisingly worked very well for us in Fallout Shelter".

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Are you fussed about having mods in Skyrim?

"It doesn't mark the future", said Howard (via Twinfinite), adding that the company has already launched a bunch of games belonging to completely different genres and aiming for totally opposite audiences. Nonetheless, when it finally did arrive, Skyrim fit Switch as we'd hoped, and the ability to play on trains and planes and the toilet, was delightful.

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