Published: Fri, July 06, 2018
Technology | By Christopher Mann

Woman live tweets budding romance, sends Twitter into frenzy

Rosey Blair live-tweeted from her flight after she asked another passenger to change seats so she could sit next to her boyfriend. So they asked a woman to switch seats with Blair, and the stranger happily obliged.

A man sat down next to the woman, and they immediately hit it off.

. Would the simple seat swap turn into a mid-air "meet cute"? Neither wore a wedding ring. "Now she asking for fitness tips".

"Thank you for following the saga of #hunkyplaneguy and #prettyplanegirl we love them".

Seconds later, that exact same thing happened and the world was watching with them as they documented the interactions between the two strangers.

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Blair told the story over social media. Though that's not as official as giving each other their phone numbers, it does show a mutual desire to stay in touch. She said she and her boyfriend did some social media research and discovered both of the passengers were indeed single and had started to follow one another on Instagram. Is a happy ending in sight?

Soon, it seemed that nearly everyone on the plane was rooting for them, with one young toddler waving at them continually.

The first tweet of the Twitter thread has over 200,000 retweets and more than 500,000 likes, as of this writing.

In a series of Instagram Stories, Blair updated followers on the pair, revealing that they indeed had similar interests and were flirting - and even shared a cheese plate!

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One person who came across Blair's thread and had the best reaction to the love story was the man featured in it.


"I walked on a plane just ready to get home and ended up sitting next to a lovely girl and had such a great time with on the flight", Euan Holden, who has since been identified, said.

While the future of Holden and the woman is unknown, their sweet story proves that anything is possible if you're open to new opportunities, or at the very least, a new airplane seat.

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