Published: Tue, July 03, 2018
Technology | By Christopher Mann

This Case Comes With Airbags To Protect Your Smartphone From Drops

This Case Comes With Airbags To Protect Your Smartphone From Drops

He explained that the design uses sensors which detect the free fall of the cell phone and a metal spring unfolds during the fall which cushions the fall.

Frenzel has received an award from the German Mechatronics Society for his mobile airbag and he and his friend Peter Mayer from the same university plan to raise funds on Kickstarter for his mobile airbag.

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What makes this particular design impressive, is the fact that the mobile airbag is able to keep the smartphone's screen from getting damaged, with Frenzel demonstrating how the prongs work when the prototype phone is dropped display side first. When your phone is in free fall, the airbag activates spring-enabled plastic claws to prevent it from bouncing on the surface.

When you pick the device up, you can fold the "set of eight thin metal curls" back inside the case, TechCrunch reports, adding that the case is patent-pending. The impact had caused the electronics inside the handset to break.

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While most phone cases do a stellar job of protecting handsets when they hit the deck, some drops prove too much, leaving you with a damaged handset and a costly fix bill.

As can be seen from the video above, the AD Case adds minimal bulk to the phone while offering substantial protection against drop-shock.

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While the design looks like something you might see flying about in a martial arts movie, the prongs have actually been created to be quite springy in order to absorb the shock when the phone hits the ground. These curled metal "legs" (for the lack of a better term) can be flattened and pushed back into the slim phone case for another day, another mishap.

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