Published: Mon, July 02, 2018
Medical | By Marta Holmes

Woman has 50-pound cyst removed after months of unexplained health issues

Woman has 50-pound cyst removed after months of unexplained health issues

She was taken to surgery and doctors removed the 50-pound cyst.

The 30-year-old told WSFA 12 News that persistent stomach problems last year impacted day-to-day activities: 'I couldn't walk to my vehicle without losing my breath'.

She was told by medical professionals the solution was simple: lose weight.

According to Jackson Hospital, Rahn had been trying to lose weight for about a year, but instead kept gaining pounds.

"I legit looked like I was a solid nine months pregnant". Somebody even asked her if she was having twins. Rahn describes the experience as "frustrating and rough".

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"I couldn't even walk to my vehicle without losing my breath, "Rahn recalled to NBC12, adding that she was once asked if she was pregnant with twins".

Her mother took her to the emergency room at Jackson Hospital in Montgomery, Ala., where doctors quickly discovered what had been causing her so much pain. The results were shocking.

So what is a mucinous cystadenoma, and how can you be sure you don't have one? "It is a benign condition", said Dr. Gregory Jones, OB/GYN, Jackson Hospital.

In February, a 24-person team removed a 132-pound mucinous cyst from a CT woman's left ovary after she'd gained 10 pounds every week for two months, Fox 61 reported. "I do remember telling my mom and busting out crying they were going to fix it. I knew something was wrong", Rahn said in the hospital's statement. Just last month, doctors removed a similar 132-lb. Her surgeon said it was the biggest one he had removed, according to the report.

"We are very excited things went well for her", said Dr. Jones.

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Citing his patient's example, Jones advocated everyone to listen to what their bodies tell them and not to hesitate visiting their physician if they think something was not right.

Kayla Rahn's ovary, which contained a 50-pound benign cyst.

It wasn't until recently that Rahn learned what was really happening: A watermelon-sized cyst was growing inside her ovary and squishing her other organs - a potentially unsafe situation, her physicians said. "This dress I have on, I actually have not been able to wear in a year". The heaviest ovarian cyst weight 328 pounds and was drained over seven days in 1905.

She went to the doctor, but they didn't diagnose her accurately.

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