Published: Fri, June 22, 2018
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Melania Trump wears ‘I really don’t care’ jacket to visit DETAINED children

Written in giant, white letters on the back were the words: "I REALLY DON'T CARE, DO U?".

Stephanie Grisham, Melania's spokesperson, said the First Lady was keen to thank staff and have a look at the facilities for herself.

While there may not be a "hidden message" in her jacket, Trump knew that wearing the outfit would prompt a reaction. "After today's important visit to Texas, I hope the media isn't going to choose to focus on her wardrobe", she said.

Like it or not, Mrs. Trump's jacket, which reportedly retailed at $39, had her trending on Twitter.

Another added: "Feckless stunt...[Melania] doesn't care and is mocking anyone who does".

Some went as far as comparing the centres to "concentration camps", a claim rubbished by members of Trump's senior team.

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For hours, press speculated today as to who her jacket was directed at.

This did not stop many on social media from pointing out the irony, given how the FLOTUS had "hated to see families being separated at the border".

Far be it for me to criticise the sartorial choices of a First Lady of the United States - given I am a lower-than-dirt internet writer boy - but I simply must register my displeasure with this particular one. Was it a carefully planned assault on "the fake news media"?

And, on Wednesday, she did the same, ditching the army green Zara jacket for a neutral buttoned-down look when she arrived at the Upbring New Hope Children's Center in McAllen, Texas.

She asked many questions, seeking assurances that they are being properly cared for.

Thursday's visit was one of two that the president's wife made to the Texas facilities where some of the more than 2,300 migrant children are being housed after their families entered the US illegally.

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A spokeswoman for Melania Trump says there is no message in the first lady's choice of jacket. When she deplaned in Texas, she had changed into a fitted cream-coloured Safari jacket.

Later Thursday, the president weighed in on the meaning of his wife's message jacket.

She visited a schoolroom at Upbring and chatted with about 20 young girls and boys who had school folders on their desks.

Her trip to Texas was the most high profile public appearance Mrs Trump had made since undergoing a surgical procedure for a benign kidney condition on May 14.

After a tour of facilities, Grimsham said the images of the little ones kept behind a chain-link fence "struck her, as a mother, as a human being".

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