Published: Fri, June 22, 2018
Technology | By Christopher Mann

Instagram Launches IGTV For Long-form Videos

Instagram Launches IGTV For Long-form Videos

That is what's already happening on YouTube, which has become the world's most popular video outlet since Google bought it for $1.76 billion almost 12 years ago. You can download Instagram from the App Store for free. IGTV is also a separate standalone mobile application on iOS and Android, where videos will start playing automatically when the app opens. It's not limited to influencers with a massive following; it's available to anyone.

The app is aimed at what Instagram calls "creators", but anyone can create and upload their own videos. Through the new app, you'll be able to watch videos from people you follow and creators Instagram thinks you'll be interested in.

In his remarks, Systrom positioned IGTV as the latest step in the company's "evolution" and suggested that horizontal video is inconvenient in an era when media consumption is increasingly happening on smartphones.

What Are the Limitations for Creators and Viewers?

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Long-form vertical video! Here we are. Try to turn your mobile to landscape mode and nothing will change. One big disappointment from a design standpoint though, is that the app does not support full-screen iPhone X video.

Instagram and Snapchat have been waging war with one another for years, but Instagram is branching out to attack new platforms this week. It'll be interesting to see how reactive the company will be before taking down footage that doesn't respect the rules and regulations. They can also be up to one hour long.

Systrom has no current plans to sell advertising on IGTV but said ads would likely be added in the future. With this announcement, it appears Instagram is aimed at staying in the social territory, where individual creators and brands can build interactive connections with their fans. So creators won't be able to monetize their videos with ads like on YouTube with Ad-Sense.

Instagram also announced Wednesday that it hit 1 billion monthly users.

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Will It Compete With YouTube?

If Instagram's trying to take a chunk out of YouTube's near-monopoly on video, it's starting from a strong place.

The Instagram TV app is not just for stars like Pons with 25 million followers, either.

Systrom further explains, "Also like TV, IGTV has channels".

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While I understand the reason IGTV videos are vertical-only (the primary focus is smartphone users), it is a bit short-sighted. However, the vertical formats limit somewhat the content. 'You will never know what you like better unless you try both'.

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