Published: Fri, June 22, 2018
Technology | By Christopher Mann

Disney and Nintendo are teaming up to create a Switch show

It sounds equal parts bad and brilliant, but Disney and Nintendo are teaming up to make a new TV gameshow for the Disney Channel called Nintendo Switch Family Showdown.

"Nintendo Switch Family Showdown" has four families competing against each other in a variety of Nintendo Switch games. Similar to Nintendo Labo, it's another example of the company striving to attract different audiences who otherwise may not be interested in video games.

For more information about and to enter for a chance to be a part of the Nintendo Switch Family Showdown, visit

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The contest is scheduled to air this summer.

LayeredFS is a plugin program that allows hackers to add Nintendo Switch mods to games with the use of a PC.

Challenges featured in the competition include searching for collectibles in Super Mario Odyssey, head-to-head matchups in Mario Tennis Aces and dance battles in Just Dance 2018.

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Just a few years ago, Nintendo's Wii U console was languishing - few major games were exciting people, and consumers weren't buying the Wii U. That all changed with the launch of Nintendo's Switch console in March 2017. Now, Disney Channel is giving you a chance to prove your family can play with the big boys.

The Switch combines a home console with a portable console.

"We also want to hear about why you enjoy playing video games together as a family and what your favorite games to play are!"

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Before anyone gets an invitation to compete in the contest, families must send in a video that creatively showcases why their family is Nintendo's ultimate fans.

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