Published: Thu, June 14, 2018
Global | By Marsha Munoz

Kim Jong Un got lots to brag about from summit — AP Analysis

Kim Jong Un got lots to brag about from summit — AP Analysis

Beijing has long proposed a "suspension for suspension" plan where the United States suspends its military exercises and North Korea suspends its missile tests. Meeting with staged ceremony on a Singapore island, Trump and Kim had come together for an unprecedented U.S. The US nuclear arsenal, at some 4,000 weapons, is vast compared to North Korea's, which has fewer than 10 and may not have the missiles to lob them quite as far as it wants to. The missiles flew back into to their launchers, and a science-fiction like version North Korea took its place - one of crane-dotted skylines, crowded highways, computerised factories and drones, all presided over by a waving, grinning Kim.

All of this from a 34-year-old leader who was widely written off as too young and too inexperienced to last very long when he assumed power after his enigmatic father, Kim Jong Il, died in late 2011.

The message was clear: Kim had a decision to make.

As talks continue, we can only hope that Trump realizes that any meaningful peace will have to address the human rights outrages that prop up his new negotiating partner.

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"Of those alive today, only a small number will leave a lasting impact", the narrator said near the beginning, as alternating shots of Trump, Kim and North Korean pageantry flashed on the screen. This is going to be a very complicated process once you start getting into matters of timing, a kind of sequencing.

The joint statement issued in Singapore was vague. Song said his "lifelong dream" is to one day return to a changed North Korea and mount an exhibition to "show [his] fellow citizens [proof of] freedom of expression".

In the lead-up to the summit, the USA and South Korea had moved forward with war games. North Korea has long objected to the drills as a security threat. He called the regular training sessions between US and South Korean forces "very provocative" and costly.

The president was more talkative when discussing how Kim had reacted to the video, which Trump had presumably played for him during a brief, private meeting hours earlier.

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Japan has repeatedly called for the issue to be raised in discussions with Pyongyang, and Trump said at a press conference yesterday afternoon that he had discussed the issue with Kim.

Warren visited the region in March and has called on the Trump administration to keep Congress informed on its negotiations with North Korea.

"No-one has shown more contempt for other nations and for the wellbeing of their own people than the depraved regime in North Korea", Mr Trump said during his infamous "little rocket man" speech to the United Nations a year ago.

Critics were quick to point out that agreement, in its current form, includes no guardrails to verify how or when North Korea would give up its nuclear weapons. Trump and Kim referred back to the so-called Panmunjom Declaration, which contained a weak commitment to denuclearization but no specifics on how to achieve it. "Really, very positive, I think better than anybody could have expected". The U.S. president brushed off questions about his public embrace of the autocrat whose people have been oppressed for decades.

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"We're on a path to diplomacy, rather than military confrontation, an easing of tensions on the Korean Peninsula, because of this historic summit, the personal connection of the two leaders", the former USA envoy to the United Nations said. "Think of it from the real estate perspective". The formal document signing followed a series of meetings at a luxury Singapore resort. Toward the end of the meeting.

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