Published: Wed, June 13, 2018
Business | By Kate Woods

Huge data breach at United Kingdom tech retailer

Huge data breach at United Kingdom tech retailer

The high-street retailer has admitted that over a million personal data records of its customers have been accessed by hackers, with 5.9 million payment cards also affected.

Shares in Dixons Carphone, which issued a profit warning last month, fell as much as 6.4 percent on Wednesday, taking year-on-year losses to 37 percent.

We have taken action to close off this access and have no evidence it is continuing.

About 5.8 million cards affected had chip-and-PIN protection, the company said, and the data accessed for these cards do not include the personal identification codes or other authentication data enabling cardholders to be identified or purchases to be made.

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In addition to payment cards, the intruders also accessed 1.2M records containing non-financial personal data - such as name, address or email address.

But the company claims there's still no evidence of fraud, or even that this data left its system. "The protection of our data has to be at the heart of our business, and we've fallen short here", CEO Alex Baldock said in a statement. Weve taken action to close off this unauthorized access and though we have now no evidence of fraud as a result of these incidents, we are taking this extremely seriously.

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Dixons says it doesn't believe that the attackers have anything like the amount of data required to use the cards fraudulently.

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However, it was quick to add that 5.8 million of these cards had chip and PIN protection, and that the data stolen did not include pin codes, card verification values (CVV) or authentication data - making it more hard for the hackers to monetize the breached data.

However, an additional 105,000 cards from outside the European Union - with no chip-and-pin protection - have been compromised as part of the breach.

Dixons Carphone has revealed it has been hit by a huge data breach.

Dixons Carphone informed Britain's data protection regulator the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), as well as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the police.

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"The NCSC website offers advice to organisations about ensuring their online security is as robust as possible, including guidance on protecting bulk personal data from cyber attack", they added.

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