Published: Wed, June 13, 2018
Medical | By Marta Holmes

A 5-year-old girl was suddenly paralysed after a tick bite

A 5-year-old girl was suddenly paralysed after a tick bite

A Grenada, Mississippi mother's warning to other parents after her daughter suffered tick paralysis has been shared thousands of times on Facebook.

"I was just thinking that her legs were asleep until I noticed that she couldn't hardly talk!" her mother Jessica Griffin wrote on Facebook.

A tick had embedded itself on her daughter's scalp.

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"After tons of blood work and a CT of the head [doctors have] ruled it as tick paralysis!" She included two photos in her post, which were the tick in Kailyn's head and the removed tick in a plastic bag.

After medical examination it became clear that this paralysis ticks. According to the Center for disease control United States of America, symptoms usually occur within 24 hours after removal of the tick As expected, the effect of the toxin has passed and the girl returned to normal after 12 hours.

Mom at first thought that maybe Kailyn had slept in an awkward position and her legs had gone numb, according to a Facebook post. It's more common in children than it is adults!

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To prevent tick bites, experts urge anyone spending time in wooded or grassy areas to wear insect repellant, socks, hats, long trousers, and long sleeves. Scary is [an] UNDERSTATEMENT!

"We are going to be encountering more and more cases because we are seeing more and more ticks", said Jim Wilson, President of Canada Lyme Disease Foundation. The CDC says tick paralysis is caused by a toxin found in tick saliva, reports KABC.

Symptoms do not start right away, but typically start to appear after the tick has been feeding on the person or animal for four to seven days. Through their research that ran between January and December 2017, they found that Chicago, Boise, Dayton, Ohio, Pittsburgh, Rapid City, South Dakota, and St. Louis had the most ticks in their cities. They even washed the girl's hair when they got back to their home. "We are being admitted to the hospital for observation and we're hoping her balance gets straightened out!" she wrote.

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The little girl was immediately rushed to a hospital, where doctors confirmed that she'd been suffering from tick paralysis. The paralysis, which is often confused for a neurologic disorder, usually resolves within 24 hours after the tick is removed. Later that evening, Kailin was able to walk out of the hospital.

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