Published: Mon, June 11, 2018
Technology | By Christopher Mann

Net Neutrality Repeal Ends Chances of Regulations

Net Neutrality Repeal Ends Chances of Regulations

As of Monday, the repeal of Obama-era net neutrality protections will take effect. Originally put in place by the Obama-era FCC, the regulation prevents ISPs and wireless carriers in the USA from charging streaming content providers for a "fast lane" that would disseminate their media at a faster data speed and at a higher resolution than the competition. The idea was that all Internet traffic should be treated equally by broadband providers.

The order required the approval of the Office of Management and Budget, which the FCC announced receiving last month.

Last month, FCC chairman Ajit Pai said the retraction of net neutrality rules was needed to remove needless and onerous regulations.

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E-commerce start-ups have feared that they could end up on the losing end of paid prioritization, with their websites and services loading more slowly than those run by internet behemoths.

"Now, on June 11, these unnecessary and harmful internet regulations will be repealed and the bipartisan, light-touch approach that served the online world well for almost 20 years will be restored", Pai said in a statement last month.

"Those "fast lanes" will put those who won't or can not pay in the slow lane, making the internet look a lot like cable TV", Sohn says.

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In May, a bill was approved in the Senate to save net neutrality rules.

The order went into effect on June 11. It will head to the State Assembly, where hearings will begin in June and must be voted on by the end of August. State governments are also taking action with more than half of the states exploring their own Net Neutrality legislation. Some states, like New Jersey, Washington, and California, have been actively working on state laws that would keep net neutrality alive within their jurisdictions.

In May, congress overturned the repeal with a bipartisan vote in the Senate.

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The general uncertainty around the future of net neutrality is likely to extend through much of this year, according to those pushing for legislation and litigation, if not longer.

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