Published: Mon, June 11, 2018
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Kevin Love wants to remain with Cleveland, finish career with LeBron James

Kevin Love wants to remain with Cleveland, finish career with LeBron James

With the 2017-18 National Basketball Association season in the books (congratulations to the Warriors on winning an impressive but inspiring championship over LeBron James and four other guys), the 2018-19 season pretty much starts right now. I'm happy I'll be able dial up some of them and get some equity in that deal when it comes to being able to talk amongst the greats and experience what they experienced. He scored 51 points in Game 1 in a contest the Cavaliers lost, 124-114 in overtime.

"Self-inflicted. Post-game, after Game 1", explained James. Game 3 is Wednesday night. The Cavaliers would need seven games just to escape the first round against IN but would sweep the top seed Toronto Raptors IN the next round.

James explained the injury, which is being reported as a severe bone bruise, at the podium after Game 4. "Pretty much played the last three games with a broken hand, that's what it is".

Hall of Fame center Wilt Chamberlain (2-4 in the NBA Finals) is considered the most dominant force of his time, much like LeBron.

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The King always has most of the possession of the ball since he's the undisputed best player on the Cavaliers roster, which is why Durant believes it's harder for him to shine on the court for the Warriors.

So no one should feel shortchanged if James does leave. Plus, he learned a bitter lesson in 2010 with his grandstanding "The Decision" on ESPN.

Where will James go next?

Plus, let's face it, James owns Cleveland.

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Especially when free agency is not even close to playing out and then considering what James said bout his family.

Maybe it was poetic LeBron James had a supporting cast on his injured right hand. He was a rental in Miami and that's what he would be in Houston or Philadelphia. "(Kevin Durant) went there, they teamed up, and it's like, 'OK, beat this.' I think it's on another organization to kind of give that same narrative". "As good as Michael Jordan" or 'competes like Michael Jordan, ' I'm just going to slap the hell out of you right on the spot, and I'm going to take my chances with the judicial system".

A move to the Los Angeles Lakers makes lots of sense in many ways, including from the perspective of his family, something he has said is a major consideration when making choices like this.

Being swept by the Warriors exposed how far these Cavaliers are from being true contenders.

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