Published: Mon, June 11, 2018
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5 latest North Korea summit developments: What you missed overnight

5 latest North Korea summit developments: What you missed overnight

"We've got a very interesting meeting in particular tomorrow", Trump said at a luncheon with the Singapore prime minister on Monday.

Trump met Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Monday at the city-state's presidential palace Istana, where they were expected to discuss everything from summit preparations to the U.S.'s tariff threats.

It "would instead lay out practical steps with requisite commitments from North Korea that demonstrate that it understands, accepts and is committed to achieving denuclearisation as the U.S. defines it", said Enos, who is also in Singapore to watch the proceedings.

Trump and Kim planned to meet one on one, joined only by translators, for up to two hours before admitting their respective advisers, a USA official said. "I just think it's going to work out very nicely", said Trump at a working lunch with the prime minister of Singapore, where the meeting is being held.

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Trump and Kim arrived in Singapore hours apart Sunday.

The comment can be dismissed as casual optimism characteristic of the United States leader, but the watchers interpreted it as suggesting that the atmosphere in their last-minute negotiations on denuclearization may not be discouraging.

Officials remain uncertain what will come out of Tuesday's unprecedented summit, the first of its kind between a sitting USA president and the leader of North Korea.

Meanwhile, diplomats from the U.S. and North Korea met behind closed doors at The Ritz-Carlton hotel, in a bid to narrow their differences ahead of the Trump-Kim summit on Tuesday.

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For his part, Trump accused the summit host, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, of lying, and threatened to end trade with G-7 nations that he said use unfair practices.

The American president travelled to Singapore from Canada and the tensions of the G-7 summit that centred largely on disputes over trade.

Earlier Trump had said the meeting was a "one-time shot" for Kim.

It formally referred to Trump by his full name in the Monday report, including his middle initial - the first time it has done so.

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Despite the initial high stakes of a summit meant to rid North Korea of its nuclear weapons, the talks have been portrayed by Trump in recent days more as a get-to-know-each-other meeting.

It also offered a list of Pyongyang's talking points, saying Kim and Trump will exchange "wide-ranging and profound views" on establishing a new relationship, the issue of building a "permanent and durable peace mechanism" and realizing the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

Trump descended from Air Force One into the steamy Singapore night, greeting officials and declaring he felt "very good" before being whisked away to his hotel via a route lined with police and photo-snapping onlookers. But many say this is highly unlikely, given how hard it has been for Kim to build his program and given that the weapons are seen as the major guarantee to his holding onto unchecked power.

The meeting, held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Singapore Marina Bay district, lasted about two hours, and delegates from both sides appeared expressionless as they left, a South China Morning Post reporter at the scene said. Any deal would likely depend on North Korea's willingness to open its facilities for inspection. Progress could lead to a peace treaty and formally end a state of war on the Korean Peninsula, which has persisted for almost 70 years.

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