Published: Sat, June 09, 2018
Medical | By Marta Holmes

Trump, Congressional Leadership Agree VA Expansion Will Be Paid For

Trump, Congressional Leadership Agree VA Expansion Will Be Paid For

The VA Mission Act, signed into law by the president on Wednesday, creates a new program that allows veterans to seek private care. Some fear that allowing veterans this "unfettered" choice will open the door to a purposeful and preconceived divestment effort that runs along ideological fault lines and will erode VA's capacity to provide care as veterans increasingly opt for non-VA care. "So simple and yet so complex". And though Cox isn't the type to brag on it much, it's been noticed: he was one of the people invited to attend when President Donald Trump signed a a new law meant to make it easier for vets to get care in the community. Among other features, it will also provide support and benefits to the caregivers of severely disabled veterans who served before 9/11, thus extending to them the same long overdue benefits that their Post-9/11 counterparts receive. The VA MISSION Act addresses these shortcomings and will provide rural Veterans the flexibility needed to receive the care they've rightfully earned. "It's less expensive for us, it works out much better, and it's immediate care".

That spurred the Choice Act, which gave veterans access to VA-certified health care providers outside of the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The law also streamlines the VA's multiple community health programs into one.

While the bill is now law - Congress hasn't paid for it yet. The Choice Program aimed to connect veterans with healthcare when those veterans face wait times longer than 30 days, extraordinary travel distances, or limited care options at their VA medical centers.

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Wednesday, Trump signed the VA Mission Act of 2018.

Noting the current policy, Dunn pointed to his own district, which includes parts of the Big Bend, as an area where veterans would benefit from his legislation.

"I was honored to attend this bipartisan bill signing ceremony with President Trump, Vice President Pence, and congressional leaders", said Speaker Cox via a press release.

The act establishes standards for veterans to consult with the private sector for "timely and effective care". "Our historic law gets rid of the government bureaucracy that has stood between Montana veterans and their health care".

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However, the Choice Program has faced its own set of obstacles.

Program participants were waiting up to 81 days to see a clinician, the report found.

The VA Mission Act aims to develop a high-performance integrated care network by establishing a new community care program, improving physician payment processes, developing education resources for veterans seeking care, and setting patient safety guidelines for opioid prescriptions.

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