Published: Tue, June 05, 2018
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Thailand: Whale dies after consuming over 80 plastic bags

Thailand: Whale dies after consuming over 80 plastic bags

An autopsy conducted in Thailand over the weekend discovered so many large plastic sacks crammed into the whale's stomach that officials were unable to move around in the operating theatre without standing on the rubbish.

Rescuers tried for five days to keep it alive but couldn't save it.

After the whale's death, veterinarians performed an autopsy and removed more than 80 plastic bags from the whale's stomach.

The report from the UK Government Office for Science found that 70% of marine litter is non-degradable plastic.

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Up to 80 plastic bags extracted from within a whale are seen in Songkhla, Thailand, in this still image from a June 1, 2018 video footage by Thailand's Department of Marine and Coastal Resources.

At least 300 marine animals including pilot whales, sea turtles and dolphins, perish each year in Thai waters after ingesting plastic, according to Thon, the marine biologist.

Last month, the Thai government said it was considering a levy on disposable plastic shopping bags.

The whale spat out five plastic bags on Friday and later died, the marine and coastal resources department said on its website. It is thought that the whale had probably mistaken the bags for food and eaten them. We have filled our oceans with a lot of fucking plastic.

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The theme this year is "Beating Plastic Pollution".

It was unclear whether the whale was a short-finned or long-finned pilot whale, although short-finned pilots commonly traverse the warmer waters typical of Southeast Asia.

Trash in the ocean has affected other whale species.

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