Published: Mon, June 04, 2018
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Ontario premier concedes defeat ahead of next week's polls

Ontario premier concedes defeat ahead of next week's polls

We can't let this election run away", Lastman said."Who's better than Doug Ford for Ontario?

During an event in North York on Saturday morning, Kathleen Wynne, who has served as Ontario's premier for the past five years, conceded she would not be premier after the election on June 7. "If your concern is that you'll elect me or a Liberal government, that's not going to happen". I'm sure plenty of midnight oil was burnt strategizing on how to salvage what might be left of the Liberal party in Ontario.

"She's more interested in holding on to some power herself, but folks have already decided they don't want the Liberals to hold that power", said Andrea Horwath.

Again, without the slightest recognition of the damage she's done to Ontario with her leftist Nanny State ideology, her reckless spending and her equally careless accumulation of debt, Wynne contended that PC Leader Doug Ford "would have too free a hand for most people" if he won a majority.

Hoggarth welcomes Wynne's decision to put the spotlight on her candidates, and says she wants to make sure the next government doesn't undo the things she has accomplished over the last four years.

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Tamara Small, a political science professor at University of Guelph, said Wynne made a strategic - and "very unusual" - move in predicting her own government's defeat. We have a terrific team of local candidates, they deserve your support.

Nor would she comment on the possibility of strategic voting, a perennial issue in elections where voters appear to be clamouring for change.

Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath speaks as she greets senior citizen homeowners at a campaign event in Mississauga, Ont., on Saturday, June 2, 2018.

Windsor West candidate Rino Bortolin did not expect this kind of announcement from the premier, but he calls it an example of her Ontario-first style of leadership.

Ms. Wynne said that the election, which has seen Mr. Ford and Ms. Horwath effectively tied in a number of polls, was not the campaign she had expected to fight.

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Responding to Ms. Wynne's announcement, Mr. Ford dismissed the Liberal leader's record as "disastrous" and said his party was ready to form government.

This may only be the second time in Canadian history that a sitting leader of a provincial party has basically admitted she or he is not winning an election they were campaigning in. "We will fix this".

Wynne said she believed she could win on the policies the Liberals put forward because they were "so much what people had said to us that they needed".

At this point, polls show there is less fear of an NDP government than a Tory one and this might push some potential Liberal voters to throw their support behind the New Democrats, he said.

"I view it as the potential harm is greater than the gain but at this stage, I think the Liberals are doing all that they can to keep party status in the legislature and win enough seats that rebuilding is possible or much easier than if they get wiped out".

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