Published: Sat, June 02, 2018
Medical | By Marta Holmes

People Who Wear Glasses Are Actually More Intelligent, Research Suggests

People Who Wear Glasses Are Actually More Intelligent, Research Suggests

A new study by the University of Edinburgh, suggests that there might be a positive correlation between poor eyesight and higher levels of intelligence.

They also found 42 genome-wide loci linked to reaction time, 40 of which are new to science.

Scientists from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland looked at data from about 300,000 people to study the genetics behind intelligence.

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"The discovery of shared genetic effects on health outcomes and brain structure provides a foundation for exploring the mechanisms by which these differences influence thinking skills throughout a lifetime", said Davies.

People who wear glasses not only seem more intellectual to third parties but are also more intelligent, according to a new global genetic study, the largest of its kind so far. They investigated 148 genomic regions linked to cognitive function, including 58 which had never been reported before.

The study has found a link between wearing glasses and cognitive function of people i.e., mental processes of perception, memory, judgment, and reasoning and discovered that about 30% of the participants who need glasses and 32 per cent who have short-sightedness are found to be intelligent.

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In addition to this, the study identified better health factors and less susceptibility to the most common health risks like hypertension, heart attack, depression and more thus having the ability to live longer.

Deary told Newsweek: "I am surprised by the long list of health-related traits that show genetic overlaps with performance on cognitive tests".

Scientists said the results could help understanding of the declines in cognitive function that happen with illness and as people age. "In that sense, this study boldly goes further than anyone has gone before".

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