Published: Sat, June 02, 2018
Medical | By Marta Holmes

Imperial Tobacco gets into vaping business, but still leading cigarette seller

Imperial Tobacco gets into vaping business, but still leading cigarette seller

Public Health England in the United Kingdom, the Food and Drug Administration in the United States, as well as many other regulators and health authorities worldwide have acknowledged that smoke-free products like e-cigarettes and heated tobacco devices could offer a less harmful alternative to cigarettes.In fact they are integrating the availability of these new products into their anti-smoking policies.In almost every OECD country today, smoke-free products are now widely available.

Cardiovascular diseases kill more people than any other cause of death worldwide while tobacco use and second-hand smoke exposure contribute to approximately 12 per cent of all heart disease deaths.

World Health Organization warned that tobacco use and exposure to second-hand smoke were "major causes" of cardiovascular disease, contributing to three million deaths annually. Through this Strategy and the new Tobacco and Vaping Products Act, we can help people who use tobacco to stop and we can discourage others from starting.

In Africa alone, some 146,000 adults aged 30 years and more die every year from tobacco-related diseases. PMI is calling for an additional, bold approach to public health.

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Since then, the draft for the Control of Tobacco Products and Electronic Delivery Systems Bill has been published for public comment.

According to the report, no fewer that 1.1 billion people are smokers in the world today, the same number as at the turn of the century.

In Uganda, the report indicates that there is total of about two million tobacco smokers with an Age-standardised prevalence of 10.1 per cent for both males and females.

The American Cancer Society says these alternative tobacco products should be taxed just as high as cigarettes. Most of the cardiovascular and respiratory diseases and cancer types, including some 80-85% of lung cancer are caused by long-term smoking.

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Dr Tom Ferkol, a co-author of the report from Washington University in St Louis, said the growth of e-cigarettes risked normalising smoking again and undoing years of progress in public health.

The campaigners carried placards bearing inscriptions including "The Effects of Tobacco not only Affects you, It takes a Turn on your Friends, Family and Life" and "Smoking Affects Every Part of the Body".

Tobacco use increases the risk of development of coronary heart disease, stroke and peripheral vascular disease.

Through the Tobacco Reduction Program, Albertans are offered a variety of ways to access these programs and services, such as by telephone, in-person group cessation programs and one-on-one counselling. According to a study, even only one cigarette a day also carries a higher risk of heart disease and stroke.

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The expert noted that for smokers trying to quit tobacco addiction, it is also important to have a healthier lifestyle, including "drinking more water, sleeping better, exercising and seeking recreational activities that are not linked to smoking".

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