Published: Fri, June 01, 2018
Medical | By Marta Holmes

Nipah claims one more in Kozhikode

Nipah claims one more in Kozhikode

However, from where the infection started is the question that continues to be a mystery.

Investing in research to develop and test new strategies for sustaining improved infection control practices in low-income country hospitals would be a particularly useful area for research.

The man, who was passing through Goa in a train and heading to Uttar Pradesh, had fallen unconscious at the coastal state's Thivim railway station on Monday, following which he was admitted to the state-run Goa Medical College and Hospital (GMCH).

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"Most of the devastating infectious diseases in human history began as infections that spilled over from animals and people and then acquired the capacity for efficient person-to-person transmission", he explained. Both are members of the genus Henipavirus, a new class of virus in the Paramyxoviridae family. She said nine people are under surveillance at the Kozhikode hospital. The virus is generally transmitted from animals to humans; but at times, it also spreads from humans to humans. It has been hard for the Kerala government to deal with NiV.

"His body fluids have been sent to the National Institute of Virology at Pune to find out if it was a case of Nipah virus infection", he said. It has co-evolved with fruit bats for years now.

The ministry suspects that fruit bats are the source of the virus. It further adds, "As the flying fox habitat is destroyed by human activity the bats get stressed and hungry, their immune system gets weaker, their virus load goes up and a lot of virus spills out in their urine and saliva". He said that Nipah cases tend to occur in a cluster or as an outbreak.

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"This is a small number considering the world statistics for other diseases".

The state director of health service (DHS), Dr Ajoy Chakraborty, said: "We are not yet sure if the suspected patients are affected with NiV". During any infection, personal hygiene is very important so people must change and wash their clothes every day.

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