Published: Sat, May 26, 2018
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Warriors' Steve Kerr calls National Football League 'idiotic' for anthem policy

Warriors' Steve Kerr calls National Football League 'idiotic' for anthem policy

The protest debate is a divisive issues in the United States.

Seattle Seahawks wideout Doug Baldwin also had a strong reaction to the president's comments.

The decision was lauded by President Donald Trump, who suggested Thursday in a Fox interview that "maybe you shouldn't be in the country" if you don't stand for the anthem.

"I don't like it, " said Marshall, the team's only starting, three-down inside linebacker. "Plain and simple." I respect the man because he's a human being, first and foremost.

"My father put his life on the line many times for our country, so just a huge pride and concern and love for our country has always been instilled in me and always will be", Davis said. It is what it is. To me, the flag represents the ideas and the ideals that make us America.

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"If the team says, 'this is what we're doing, ' and ownership [does too], you either deal with it or you're probably going to get cut", Foster told KDKA.

"It's just typical of the NFL", Kerr said, according to Anthony Slater of The Athletic. "Players, coaches, management, league management, we feel like we're all partners. So, it's really ironic, actually, what the National Football League is doing".

The remarks prompted a wave of protests across the league in September, angering some fans and placing several conservative, Trump-supporting team owners in an awkward position as NFL television ratings dropped.

Both Baldwin and quarterback Russell Wilson said they agreed that the NFL's stance was tantamount to telling the players to shut up. "It seems that way", Wilson said. "I think there will be some backlash from their decision". Otherwise, you are nothing more than a different type of snowflake. "Imagine if players decide as a team to not come out for the national anthem". "You can fight the resistance on that one but, same as we can't smoke marijuana because it's illegal in certain states, it's the same issue". So just because somebody disagrees or has an issue with something that's going on in this country, it doesn't mean that they should pack up and leave. We're going to be together in whatever we do and how we handle this. The players association has a say, but the rules of the game are the rules of the game. "Whatever we do, whatever happens here".

Ten New Orleans Saints players sat on the bench during the national anthem before their Week 3 game against the Carolina Panthers.

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I would be more OK with [the decision] if they had consulted with the players.

Rooney said this is a time "in this country where there's a division atmosphere that makes it tough to strike a balance".

"We'll have conversations, " Baldwin said. But I go back to my earlier statement.

But I also am not a fan of "political correctness", which I consider to be the elevation of moral posturing about sensitivity over truth. I was kind of liking the way it was going, but now it's kind of taken out of the control from the coach and the players in the locker room to a certain extent. Colin has been doing work, I've been doing work, Malcolm Jenkins, a bunch of guys have been doing work. "I didn't raise a fist".

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