Published: Thu, May 17, 2018
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Kellogg Is Shutting Down Operations in Venezuela Amid the Economic Crisis

Kellogg Is Shutting Down Operations in Venezuela Amid the Economic Crisis

Although the country is most famous for, as Oliver put it, "giving the world oil, seven Miss Universes, six Miss Worlds, and of course, most importantly, one Wilmer Valderrama, who I like to think of as the Miss Universe of That '70s Show", it is now in the midst of a prolonged political crisis.

Last year General Motors exited its operations there after a factory was seized by the Venezuelan government.

As it happens, a Russian bank is trying to help Venezuela in this regard.

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"I've chose to hand the company over to the workers so that they can continue producing for the people", Maduro said at a campaign rally ahead of Sunday's presidential election.

In describing the government shakeup, Oliver came up with a comparable situation in USA politics, saying it would be like if "Trump put a bunch of his friends on the Supreme Court, who then happily allowed him to create a second Congress that outranks the real Congress, and whose members include Melania and Eric".

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Oliver admits that there's not much the US can do to help Venezuela, opting instead to recruit That "70s Show " s Wilmer Valderrama, himself of Venezuelan descent, to dress as what is seemingly the only kind of confidant Maduro will heed: "a real, actual bird".

Venezuela's government purchased a 49 percent stake in Evrofinance in 2011, making the bank, which traces its history back a century as a western financial outpost for the Soviet Union, a vehicle for binational trade and investment projects, with nearly $800 million in assets. A recent poll by the polling firm Hinterlaces revealed that the candidate of the Frente Amplio de la Patria, Nicolas Maduro, has the support of 58 percent of the voters. An estimated 1.5 million Venezuelans have fled the country since 2014, according to the UN.

The bit was in reference Maduro's claims that his predecessor, Hugo Chávez, has visited him in the form of a bird.

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"What I like the most about that, other than the whistling which I like very much, is the idea that when powerful leaders die, they become birds", Oliver said. "So, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome a bird". "The point is, Maduro, you need to accept humanitarian aid and cool it with the dictator stuff".

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