Published: Thu, May 17, 2018
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ConsenSys' Kaleido to Vend Blockchain to Amazon Web Services Clients

ConsenSys' Kaleido to Vend Blockchain to Amazon Web Services Clients

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Enterprises have business needs driven by security, compliance, ownership, privacy, and scalability requirements, which can bring additional complexity to their blockchain projects.

"Introducing Kaleido to AWS customers is going to help customers move faster and not worry about managing blockchain themselves", Amazon Web Services said in a statement.

This has made the cloud computing arm of Amazon enter into partnership with the start-up company, giving customers the opportunity to put their services on blockchain. By offering a full solution way beyond do-it-yourself scripts or templates, Kaleido significantly speeds up development and deployment cycles and dramatically lowers operating costs.

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ConsenSys said that Kaleido streamlines the process of setting up secure, permissioned blockchain networks without sacrificing the ability to customise the environment. For example, a live blockchain network requires a shared IT infrastructure across all involved parties, which has proven to be hard and costly. Networks created via Kaliedo can be "anchored" to the public Ethereum blockchain in order to reduce the risk of after-the-fact collusion and deliver greater "proof of settlement finality".

Cerveny adds, "Public and private blockchains have been evolving largely independently for the last couple years".

Matt Yanchyshyn, the global technical lead for AWS' partner program, told CoinDesk: "We have been following ethereum closely as it's what many of our customers have been exploring, especially for enterprise use cases".

From sending transactions to Ethereum mainnet and increasing security to providing analytics and supporting protocols such as Quorum and consensus mechanisms such as RAFT, Kaleido plans to make the process easier for enterprises without an understanding of the complex nature of distributed ledger technology.

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Amazon Web Services continued its pretty rapid rise, raking in revenue of $5.4 billion in Q1 of 2018, and they obviously believe pioneering blockchain services in this way will help it grow further. Kaleido is the first platform to radically simplify and speed the use of blockchain by companies across all industries.

Joseph Lubin, Ethereum co-founder and ConsenSys founder, said, "Since the inception of ConsenSys in 2014, we have been on a mission to accelerate the adoption of Ethereum ..."

"The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance is a large and vibrant community", said Ron Resnick, Executive Director, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.

John Hurley, Ryanair's CTO, said: "Machine learning is hugely important to our growth, and we're pursuing a variety of AWS machine learning services, including Amazon SageMaker, to enhance customer UI experience and personalise the MyRyanair portal for every unique traveller".

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