Published: Thu, May 17, 2018
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Argentina soccer federation's World Cup guide included chapter on meeting Russian women

Argentina soccer federation's World Cup guide included chapter on meeting Russian women

On Tuesday, the AFA held a course for players, staff and journalists about what to expect when they travel to Russian Federation.

Journalist Nacho Catullo said on Twitter he was among the dozens of reporters and soccer officials who received the manual while attending a free course on Russian language and culture set up by the Argentine Football Association (AFA).

Another reads: "Russian girls do not like to be seen as objects".

One other a part of the chapter tells the boys travelling to Russia: "Don't ask silly questions on intercourse".

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Pennisi told Clarin that he indeed took that particular section from the Internet because he thought it sounded "interesting" and that the advice also applies to Argentine women who want to meet Russian men.

It continued: "They like men with initiative". If you do not have it, practise with different girls beforehand.

The governing body of Argentinian soccer, the Argentina Football Association, has come under scrutiny after it was reported that the AFA educated players on how to pick up Russian women. However, under given practical advice on how to stitch a Russian girl. For Russians, sex is something very private and the subject is not discussed in public.

"Maybe they want that too, but they also want to feel important and special, so you should treat the woman in front of you are someone who has value, with their own ideas and desires". "Do not worry, there are many attractive women in Russian Federation and not all are good for you".

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It says: "Of course you will find girls who are concerned about material things, how much money you have, if you are handsome".

The AFA soon realised they had made a mistake and issued a statement on Wednesday.

"I'm going to investigate why what happened happened and if someone tried to stain all the work we've been doing", the AFA's Alejandro Taraborrelli said, according to La Nacion.

"The teacher in charge of the course chose information to give the assistants but regretfully at the moment of printing, because of an unforeseen error a text that was never part of the course was included. Warned by the administrative staff of the Department, they proceeded to withdraw it immediately".

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"We express our most honest apologies to those that were affected by the publication which in no way reflects the thinking of the Argentina Football Association, nor of its president Claudio Tapia or any of its executives".

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