Published: Wed, May 16, 2018
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Stephen Hawking service: Possibility of time travellers 'can't be excluded'

Stephen Hawking service: Possibility of time travellers 'can't be excluded'

Organizers have arranged a memorial service for the theoretical physicist, who died in March at the age of 76, and those who wish to honor him can apply for the event via a public ballot, the BBC reports.

On June 15, Stephen Hawking's ashes will be laid to rest next to Sir Isaac Newton's in the halls of Westminster Abbey.

The organizers of the ceremony the memory of physicist Stephen Hawking gave an opportunity to the people of the future to register for participation.

The late scientist Stephen Hawking once threw a party for time travellers - although no one turned up.

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Members of the public have been given a chance to apply for a public ballot and also have the option of choosing a birth date any time up until December 31, 2038 in their online applications.

London blogger IanVisits first noticed the future birthdate discrepancy on the application for the event, and it's possible that the future birthdates represent a programming error instead of an actual invitation for time travelers to attend.

Hawking famously staged a party for time travellers in 2009, complete with champagne and a banner saying, "Welcome time travellers". Up to 1,000 places are available at the Service of Thanksgiving, although entering your details does not guarantee you a place.

"We can not exclude the possibility of time travel as it has not been disproven to our satisfaction. Anything is possible until proven otherwise", said one representative of the Stephen Hawking Foundation.

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"Rapid space-travel, or travel back in time, can't be ruled out, according to our present understanding", Hawking said during a 1999 lecture entitled "Space and Time Warps", cautioning however against the "great logical problems" such a feat might engender".

In January previous year, Prof Hawking posted a touching tribute to his family, friends and others who have "helped and supported me along the way and made my universe so full of life, love and energy".

Within 24 hours after the ballot was opened for the service, slated for June 15, around 12,000 people from over 50 countries had applied.

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