Published: Wed, May 16, 2018
Sci-tech | By Brandy Patterson

Pokemon Switch To Be Revealed This Month, Will Launch In 2018

Pokemon Switch To Be Revealed This Month, Will Launch In 2018

Update: Serebiit reports that it is the very same company that registered the official Pokemon Sun & Moon website domain. On her personal blog this week, she speculates heavily that the Pokemon Switch games (because it does sound like there might be two versions, as is often the case with new Pokemon titles) and Pokemon GO will be linked somehow, not just because of their names but due to what could be learned from the widespread success of Pokemon GO.

Rogers also said that Nintendo would make a Pokemon Switch announcement before the end of the month, so we'll get to see if any of these leaks and rumours bear fruit in the next week or so.

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This has been marked as rumour simply because at this point in time it's not clear who has registered the domain names, but either Nintendo, The Pokemon Company, or an individual, has registered the domain names for Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu & Pokemon Let's Go Eevee.

Let's go. back to Kanto? Both of these are one of the most popular IPs for Nintendo. Now we're getting more information on what this game will be like, thanks to more leaked info from industry insiders. Pikachu Edition and Pokémon Let's GO!

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Pokemon Switch is reportedly a brand new mainline Pokemon game developed by GameFreaks. However, like traditional Pokemon titles, expect two versions.

Imagine being able to square off with other players' teams of Pokemon after you've caught them in the wild in Pokemon GO. However, a new rumor is making the rounds that may have potentially revealed the titles for the new Pokemon games that are in development for Nintendo's latest console.

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The only thing we know for sure is that Game Freak is indeed working on a more traditional Pokemon game for the Switch. Until then we can only wait and see what Nintendo has in the works for us.

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