Published: Wed, May 16, 2018
Technology | By Christopher Mann

Microsoft may challenge Apple with new Surface tablet

Microsoft may challenge Apple with new Surface tablet

Bloomberg reports that Microsoft is looking to compete in this price range with some new Surface tablets that hit $400 price points. Moreover, the new tablets will keep the familiar kickstand first seen on the Surface RT, though these new 10-inch Surface tablets should be 20 percent lighter than the standard Surface Pro.

A credible Bloomberg report claims that Microsoft will deliver a $400 Surface-branded tablet by late 2018.

The screen can also easily be rotated between portrait and landscape depending on the content being viewed
Microsoft may challenge Apple with new Surface tablet

It's possible that Microsoft may target the new Surface tablets toward the education market as an alternative to a recent move by Apple, which in March released a new iPad aimed at students and educators, for $329. It will have rounded corners, which are unlike the hard corners on existing Surface tablets, and should deliver about 9.5 hours of battery will be powered by an Intel chipset and will feature USB-C connectivity.

This won't be the first time Microsoft tried to sell low-priced Surface Tablets (remember Surface RT?) but it looks like the company has a better strategy in place this time.

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In the past year, Apple sold 44M iPads for $20B in revenue.

Microsoft receives a lot of criticism these days for its increased focus on the cloud and business customers, but it seems that the company remains very interested in the consumer market.

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The new Surface tablets will debut in 2H18.

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