Published: Tue, May 15, 2018
Technology | By Christopher Mann

How to use Bluetooth on Steam Controller on your PC

How to use Bluetooth on Steam Controller on your PC

The Steam Link service launches next week, and you'll be able to play your Steam games on your mobile and tablet devices, which is very exciting since it makes the previous Steam Link feature of Steam pretty useless. The announcement mentioned that we would be able to control our games through the Steam Controller. Now it has revealed a crucial piece of that puzzle by announcing Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) support for its Steam Controller.

Steam warn that this will reset all the controller's pairing settings, so you'll have to link it back up with your wireless receiver once you're done.

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It was just over a week ago that Valve updated the beta version of its Steam client to support Nintendo's Switch Pro Controller.

In other scenarios, Valve continues to recommend the existing protocol be utilized in the first instance given its speed, minimal lag, and support for four controllers per wireless receiver given that it "was designed from the ground up to provide the best experience for a Steam Controller". It will switch on in Bluetooth mode.

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The new BLE functionality for the Steam Controller is required by the upcoming Steam Link app, and for that alone, you would want to do the update. These two apps are the Steam Link app and Steam Video app and if you are a Steam user, they are surely going to change mobile entertainment for you. But you'll be hard pressed to find a full-sized USB connection on the majority of tablets or mobile phones, and so Valve is rolling out an update that will bring a Bluetooth Low Energy connection to its pad. With emulators becoming more commonplace on Android, you should be able to use your Steam Controller to play a huge variety of games on the go without having to use an OTG cable!

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