Published: Tue, May 15, 2018
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Family wants another agency to head Keeven Robinson death investigation

Family wants another agency to head Keeven Robinson death investigation

Lopinto on Thursday said authorities suspected Robinson's death was due to his lengthy medical history of asthma.

Lopinto said state police and the FBI would be joining the investigation into Robinson's death. "They're grieving, and today they had to find out that Keeven lost his life at the hands of another", she said, according WDSU. Robinson was allegedly being investigated for drugs and was spotted at a local gas station when he took off in his vehicle.

"That said, I don't want to delay disclosure regarding the direction in which we're heading from Mr. Robinson's family, the sheriff's department or the media", Cvitanovich said.

Keeven Robinson, 22, died on Thursday in Gretna, Louisiana, following a struggle with four deputies who'd been tracking him as part of a drug investigation. Originally, it was said he died because of asthma issues during the struggle. He tried to get away on foot, hopping over fences, until the detectives finally cornered him in a backyard.

"I think there needs to be some oversight with another agency investigating", she said.

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Jefferson Parish Coroner Dr. Gerry Cvitanovich said in a press conference on Monday that preliminary findings showed Keeven Robinson died after suffering "significant" trauma to his neck consistent with compressional asphyxia.

He said there was a gun in Robinson's vehicle and that he had heroin on him.

Lopinto mentioned it was too early to conclude whether or not a choke maintain was used.

"For me it means unity, coming together and pretty much just supporting the family", said Regina Hollins. Lopinto mentioned the query for investigators is whether or not plain-clothes narcotics officers used extreme drive.

Asked whether detectives admitted to using a chokehold, Lopinto could not say, but said that while officers are "not trained" to use chokeholds "on a normal basis", they are "not forbidden from doing that".

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The detectives were read their rights, and State Police troopers were there when the detectives gave statements about Robinson's death, authorities said. The 22-year-old black man, who had a gun in the auto and was suspected of being in possession of heroin, was on the run from the police when he crashed his auto into two Sheriff's Office vehicle. Even if it did, Lopinto said, the deputies involved were undercover detectives.

"Today is just as hard as Thursday for this family", Hilliard said. It's time to stop, enough is enough.

WWL-TV writes that Robinson's grandmother said young black men shouldn't live in fear of police.

"I know people would ask for that, but that's just not the case when you're working in that capacity", he said. "And when the police do press them, we want them to be able to let the police do their job, but they're afraid of the police". "We're here to support all sides", Spiller said.

Gaylor Spiller with the NAACP said that she is satisfied with the coroner's report and information from JPSO released so far.

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