Published: Fri, May 11, 2018
Medical | By Marta Holmes

Why it's vital to invest in curing childhood mental-health problems

Why it's vital to invest in curing childhood mental-health problems

Teachers have been going to professional development series throughout the year that are planned by Caparas on topics like resiliency, trauma and the overall topic of mental illness.

"I was in the dark, weeping, building my own tomb and not getting help for my mental illness", she said.

In fact, it is a public health concern that affects families, schools, businesses and the community at large. The combination of living away from home for the first time, their workloads and new friendships may trigger a latent mental health illness.

A recent survey reveals that more then half (55%) of those working in the construction trade experienced mental health issues in their lives, a worrying 1 in 4 have considered taking their own life and 88 percent said there needs to be more support for those that suffer mental health issues.

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"It is something you can recover from, you can be resilient, we share with them successful people who have had mental health challenges", said Kuehn. As trainers, Catholic Charities will be at the forefront of educating others how to preserve life, provide help, promote and enhance recovery, and provide comfort and support within the archdiocese.

BOB fm is preparing to join forces with 300 other commercial and BBC radio stations to tackle the stigma of mental health.

Trudeau says, "The problem with people with mental illness is that they don't tell the truth".

Trudeau says if there is one thing people walk away with from her presentation, it's to "start the conversation". And it's not just your life, it's your family and it touches everyone. Are you or a loved one feeling alone and isolated?

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"I grew up with siblings who went through some of these situations, and they need a support system", Hernandez said, "and as an older sister, I can be that support for my sister and that motivates me to come out and do this for her".

"Get someone to listen to you if you feel you're in trouble, because being listened to is the beginning of the healing". It says in their transition from childhood to adulthood, the youth are most vulnerable to mental health problems due to psychological and emotional changes that happen during this period.

Bruce Power workers were invited to a similar presentation by Trudeau at the Kincardine nuclear site on Thursday as a lead in to the company's metal health initiatives on Friday.

The message is to mark Mental Health Awareness Week during the industry's Radio Audio Week.

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