Published: Fri, May 11, 2018
Medical | By Marta Holmes

Number of People Infected With Ebola in DR Congo Rises to 32

Number of People Infected With Ebola in DR Congo Rises to 32

An outbreak of the Ebola disease has been confirmed in DR Congo, the ninth time the disease has been recorded in the country since the 1970s, and has killed 17 people. There have been 18 deaths. notes that he said that World Health Organization had alerted the nine neighbouring countries but now regarded the risk of regional spread as "moderate".

In response to the 2017 outbreak, DRC quickly alerted local authorities, began blood testing, announced the outbreak early on, and authorities responded quickly. He is not being replaced.

"Our top priority is to get to Bikoro to work alongside the government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and partners to reduce the loss of life and suffering related to this new Ebola virus disease outbreak", Dr. Peter Salama, WHO deputy director-general of emergency preparedness and response, said.

Congo's health ministry on Tuesday, May 8, described the fresh outbreak as a "public health emergency with global impact".

The deadly Ebola Virus Disease resurfaced in Africa once again.

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Most of the cases so far have been recorded around the village of Ikoko Impenge, near the northwestern town of Bikoro.

Only two cases have been confirmed as Ebola, by a laboratory in the capital Kinshasa. This comes less than a year since the country's last Ebola outbreak.

The healthcare ministry included that Nigeria was thinking about sending a team of health employees into the DRC to assist contain the outbreak. "This situation worries us and requires an immediate and energetic response".

The disease is a viral hemmorhagic fever that was first discovered in 1976 in Yambuku, Zaire, now the DRC.

The average fatality rate is around 50 percent, varying from 25 percent to 90 percent, according to the WHO.

Ebola is spread between humans in a variety of different ways.

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Ebola symptoms can include a very high temperature, a headache, or a sore throat. These are often followed by vomiting, diarrhea, rashes, organ failure, and sometimes internal and external bleeding.

More than 11,000 people died from the Ebola virus in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone during the outbreak.

DFID has worked with Wellcome to develop a safe vaccine for Ebola which is now stockpiled, ready for use, by the Global Vaccines Alliance, GAVI - to which we are a major contributor.

If they are needed, "WHO is in discussions with the government and, if pertinent, will seek approval from the national regulatory authority and the Ethics Review committee to use vaccines against Ebola as part of the response", spokesman Tarik Jasarevik said.

Controlling the spread in the community is combatted by tracing and isolating people who have been in contact with an Ebola victim.

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