Published: Wed, April 25, 2018
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Xi-Modi to arrive at consensus on important issues: Minister Kong

Xi-Modi to arrive at consensus on important issues: Minister Kong

Sources said that the summit is not the platform where the two leaders will discuss specific issues like the United Nations ban on Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammed terror group chief Masood Azhar and tick off one by one.

Addressing the meeting, he appreciated the support extended by other members of SCO to Pakistan.

China has blocked India's membership of a nuclear cartel and it has also been blocking United Nations sanctions against a Pakistan-based militant leader blamed for attacks on India.

The "unprecedented summit" reflects the importance the countries attach to each other, he said.

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He said both Xi and Modi need to become "bosom friends" and have heart-to heart conversation. They both have to strive for the right to develop and face Western pressure on issues like trade and intellectual property rights. To go to the root of problems that bedevil the India-China relationship Modi should ask for settling the border dispute along the lines of the current LAC, as well as greater access to the Chinese market for Indian goods and services.

The Foreign Minister and Vice President discussed various bilateral, regional and global issues and agreed to continue strategic communications between Pakistan and China on all issues.

At the informal summit, they will have strategic communication on the major changes in the global landscape unseen in more than 100 years.

Kang said that he can not predict what the leaders will specifically talk about but "I believe that you will get very positive messages (on the issue of protectionism)". China reassured Pakistan on Monday that relations between the two countries were as firm as ever.

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Stating that the economic globalisation should be more open and balanced for all, India on Tuesday reiterated its commitment to strengthen its economic and investment ties, saying protectionism must be rejected in each and every form.

"This not only will benefit the two countries and two peoples, but will also have an important effect on peaceful development in the region and around the world", the ministry paraphrased Kong as telling Indian media in Beijing.

"It is fair to say that this informal summit has already played an important role in driving India-China relations".

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