Published: Wed, April 25, 2018
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WWE Hall Of Famers announced for Greatest Royal Rumble Kickoff show panel

WWE Hall Of Famers announced for Greatest Royal Rumble Kickoff show panel

There is certainly a chance we see a new universal champion crowned, as well as even the possibility the intercontinental and United States titles swap brands yet again, but the only absolute guarantee that we have for a new set of champions is for the Raw Tag Team Championship.

When looking at the card now scheduled for the pay-per-view, this is my shortlist for the superstars who will stand out the most during the Greatest Royal Rumble, in no particular order.

Harper and Rowan need more time with the titles in order to be taken seriously, so they will leave with their reign intact and another win over Jimmy and Jey. The US title will remain in SmackDown while the Intercontinental title will remain on Raw. This will be the first show in a post-Shake-up world, and with not only the Greatest Royal Rumble coming up this Friday but WWE Backlash looming in the very near future we expect there to be a whole lot of very rapid movement as the company attempts to finalize two big cards in a short amount of time.

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Seth Rollins vs. Samoa Joe vs.

It's not a surprise if WWE did take this route in the effort to get this chant kicked off in the arena, as they're notorious for handing out signs of their own as well as planting fans in the past to gain support for superstars they select. After the match, Nakamura hit AJ Styles with a low blow. Heading into WrestleMania 34, the WWE's plan was to portray Reigns as the underdog while making The Beast the villain.

If Brock Lesnar retains the title it puts him on that path to eventually eclipse former WWE star CM Punk as the longest-reigning major champion in modern-day professional wrestling. That included a number of matches in which he had the odds stacked against him with multiple opponents in the match such as a Triple Threat at the "Royal Rumble" back in January.

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The victor will receive a special trophy, but there is no word on whether a future title shot will be included as a prize too.

That key to picking the victor of this match is the truth behind Brock Lesnar's contract situation and how long it extends.

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