Published: Wed, April 25, 2018
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Lethal Weapon renewal on the line over star's alleged misbehavior

Lethal Weapon renewal on the line over star's alleged misbehavior

So far, Crawford has not yet been officially let go from the series, and it remains to be seen if he will or if Lethal Weapon will simply end with the season 2 finale, 'One Day More, ' which is expected to air on Tuesday, May 18.

He said the first incident came after he became angry after what he deemed were unsafe working conditions on the set. The actor notes that the incident happened with a guest helmer and an assistant director on set, both of whom reacted with anger as well. Apparently, others in the cast and crew "feel uncomfortable being on set with him". A source tells TVLine that studio Warner considering recasting Clayne's Martin Riggs role - possibly with a female - to play opposite Damon Wayans' Roger Murtaugh in a potential third season. "I even shared a sizeable portion of my paycheck with one of the parties involved, per the instruction of the studio", he wrote. "It is true that I have been reprimanded twice during the past two seasons of 'Lethal Weapon'". "It was an unfortunate event that happened in spite of all precautions and procedures being followed".

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"I feel a responsibility to do good work for my coworkers, for my family, for my home state, and especially for the fans", he says. "Furthermore, I apologize to all the crew and cast for any negative attention Lethal Weapon is receiving because of these incidents".

Crawford closes off his statement by expressing his gratitude for his job and saying that he works hard for the show. "I hope they will stick with me, and stick with the show".

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In an unusual circumstance, the show may actually get canceled despite its good ratings - or be forced to recast one of its leads after two seasons!

Reps for Warner Bros. and Fox declined to comment for this story.

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