Published: Wed, April 25, 2018
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Haasan strongly criticises Saroj Khan's casting couch remark

Haasan strongly criticises Saroj Khan's casting couch remark

A number of actresses have condemned the practice of casting couch in Entertainment industry but veteran choreographer Saroj Khan apparently doesn't feel that there is anything wrong with the act as ambitious females "mutually" agree to such practice for landing themselves a launching pad. At a recent press conference, Saroj was asked for her opinion on Telugu actor Sri Reddy's protest against casting couch, she said, "Ek baat batau ye to chala aa raha hai baba adam ke zamane se".

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Saroj Khan had said, "This is nothing new, there's always someone who wants to take advantage of girls".

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In comments that come in the wake of the #MeToo campaign which calls out sexual offenders, she put the onus on the woman and said the casting couch was not a new phenomenon with "anyone and everyone", including people in the government, indulging in it. Don't say anything about the film industry. Well, she said what she said, but not sure if her clarification goes as strong as her defending comments did to people. "Saroj Khan madam, you are an elder, so I should respect you". If she doesn't want to fall into the hands of such people, she won't fall. I also know women who have stood up against it and said No. This has been going on since the beginning of time. If you have art, why would you sell yourself? She also said that it abides by the principle of consent. After all, it isn't as if you are raped and abandoned.

Casting Couch came to light in Hollywood with actresses there exposing Harvey Weinstein and many more. Such a statement from an industry veteran who has won 3 National Awards and has choreographer over 2000 songs is quite alarming.

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She went on to add, "Don't say that".

While Saroj Khan has been already receiving severe backlash for making such a regressive remark on casting couch.

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Khan's comments evoked angry reactions on social media forcing her to issue an apology.

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