Published: Mon, April 23, 2018
Business | By Kate Woods

Gas prices continue to climb in Baton Rouge

Gas prices continue to climb in Baton Rouge

According to GasBuddy, states where prices moved most last week were: MI and Rhode Island (up 11 cents); OH (up 10 cents); CT and New Jersey (up 9 cents), MA and New Hampshire (up 8 cents); and New York, Maine, and Utah (up 7 cents).

Floridians are paying plenty at the pump for a combination of spring gas prices and high oil prices this week.

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The current national average is $2.75 and in OH the average price is $2.68 according to the gas tracking website.

DeHaan says prices are on the rise due in part to higher oil prices and higher demand for gasoline.

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Michigan's lowest average price was in the Marquette area for the second week in a row, where it was about $2.74 per gallon. "This demand from last week is the highest on record for the month of April, and exceeds summer demand from years past". "The road ahead at the pump looks quite ominous if that demand number proves common in the coming weeks", said Patrick DeHaan, head of petroleum analysis for GasBuddy. "Which means, travelers will likely find the most expensive summer gas prices in four years".

Palm Beach County holds the dubious honor of leading the state with an average of $2.86, by AAA's count. "All signs point to some additional upward movement before prices peak and perhaps drop slightly around Memorial Day into the month of June- all certainly very contingent and subject to any changes from OPEC". "So there are now a number of factors keeping upward pressure on gas prices". Unfortunately, oil prices could still remain elevated heading into the summer travel season. It costs $5 more to fill the average Florida tank than it did a year ago.

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Florida ranks 20th among the states for the most expensive gas.

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