Published: Wed, April 18, 2018
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Philly rapper Meek Mill still in jail, but will get new trial

Philly rapper Meek Mill still in jail, but will get new trial

But many who advocate for Mill's release say they're protesting for something bigger than just his case-for the reform of a justice system that allows young Black men to become incarcerated for long periods of time-keeping them separated from their families-for non-violent charges, such as possession of marijuana. "If I would have gotten locked up in Starbucks, just for sitting in Starbucks, by mistake, and got a technical violation, [then] legally a judge would be able to sentence me to 2-to-4 years, 3-to-6 years, 5-to-10 years just for having police contact", said Meek Mill. However, Judge Genece Brinkley didn't budge and instead scheduled a hearing on the matter in June.

That story was bolstered when Jerold Gibson, the former son-in-law of former Gov. Tom Corbett who was sacked from the Philadelphia Police Department for stealing cash found in evidence, came forward to back up Meek's claim and submitted sworn statements that Graham and other cops beat Meek during the arrest.

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Mill was sentenced two to four years in prison last November for violating his probation on grounds of failing a drug test and violating a court order limiting his travel. The now-retired officer was among a list of police officers the prosecutor's office has sought to keep off the stand in cases across the city because of credibility questions.

The Inquirer identified one of the whistleblowing officers as Jerold Gibson, and reported that Gibson swore Graham's allegation about Mill pointing a gun at police was false. "I don't think nobody should lose their freedom for not even committing crime".

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Meek Mill understands that true change can only be generated when the public votes those in favor of reform are voted into office.

"I happened to make it from the ghetto, and be on the road to success, that was lucky enough. It's like nearly impossible", he said.

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Meek was not in attendance at the hearing, but some 100 of his supporters rallied outside the Criminal Justice Center despite the rain to show their support.

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