Published: Tue, April 17, 2018
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WWE Superstar Shakeup 2018 Rumors: Potential Spoilers For This Year's Shake-Up

WWE Superstar Shakeup 2018 Rumors: Potential Spoilers For This Year's Shake-Up

Dive deeper into those Superstars' Monday nights and find out why they are the biggest winners, and losers, from the April 16 broadcast of WWE Raw. Kurt Angle asked how they were able to appear on the show since they were fired, and Sami Zayn read a letter from Stephanie McMahon announcing that she had signed them. At the very least, Raw is much more focused on its main event, which means that the likes of those three guys won't be charged with carrying a significant part of the show every week. This was teased briefly during their tenure SmackDown and it seemed interesting enough.

During an episode of MizTV-a show within a show-Miz announced the two newest members of Raw: Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens.

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Scottish star Drew McIntyre is now back on the WWE main roster after recovering from injury, and the former NXT Champion will be aligned with Dolph Ziggler on Raw for the foreseeable future. Ziggler's singles shtick was getting exhausted and McIntyre is much improved since his initial run on the main roster when he was the "chosen one", so pairing these two together is something fresh and interesting - which is all we really ask for when it comes to the shakeup.

Ronda Rousey was talking with Kurt Angle in Kurt's office, and the Raw General Manager told her he had a surprise before he introduced Natalya who joined the roster. Welcome to Raw, Jinder Mahal. The change of scenery is usually a benefit, both for the wrestlers and viewers who've been watching the same matchups over and over again. He isn't doing anything on SmackDown, so there is no reason to keep him away from the cruiserweight division any longer.

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With many people deserving the title of a front-runner, and with Corbin in danger of disappearing in the background, the WWE must come up with some epic storytelling to get the Lone Wolf back on track. Even if we just get more Fashion Files from them, seeing it a day earlier in the week would make me a happy camper. After rejecting Titus O'Neil's services, he reveals that he came with former NXT Champion Drew McIntyre.

Zack Ryder: Someone to help get mid-card talents over, basically. They made their in-ring debut immediately on Monday, earning a clean win over former Raw tag team champions The Bar. Nakamura's heel turn will breathe new life into his character, and it will be intriguing to see what he can really do with it.

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