Published: Tue, April 17, 2018
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Protest against ex-leader's move in Armenia

Protest against ex-leader's move in Armenia

The opposition says a new parliamentary system of government will allow Sarkisian, 63, to maintain his grip on power.

The protesters were encouraged to act by Armenian MP Nikol Pashinyan, leader of the opposition Civil Contract party.

The pro-Moscow politician ended his second and final presidential term last week, but the ruling party has nominated him for the post of prime minister.

Last month, Armenia's National Assembly elected onetime Prime Minister Armen Sarkissian as the country's next president, replacing the long-tenured Serzh Sargsyan as head of state. The parliament is expected to vote Tuesday on the matter.

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Several hundred people sat or laid down on pavements on Monday, blocking roads leading to the parliament building and universities.

Some built barricades using cast-iron benches and metal trash cans.

Authorities beefed up police presence and put in place cordons which some protesters broke through.

Forty-six citizens, including six police officers, applied for medical assistance as of 16:30, the Ministry of Health reported.

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Rallies began on Friday with more than four thousand taking part.

Under the new constitution adopted in referendum in 2015, Armenia is switching to a parliamentary system of government.

The two men are not related. The opposition is launching acts of protest in order to undermine the election.

Before Pashinyan said about the transition to action, "locking" of transport and the Parliament of Armenia.

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