Published: Mon, April 16, 2018
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John Oliver Reveals Reason He Paid $7000 For Russell Crowe's Leather Jockstrap

John Oliver Reveals Reason He Paid $7000 For Russell Crowe's Leather Jockstrap

After shelling out $7,000 for the undergarment, Mr. Oliver decided he'd send the film item to one of the last remaining Blockbuster Video stores in Alaska. Numerous items up for sale raised eyebrows, particular the leather jockstrap that he wore in "Cinderella Man", the Ron Howard-helmed movie about a boxer in the 1930s. Three of them are in Alaska, where data streaming is still relatively expensive and has limited the dominance of Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. He did this as a prelude to an offer he hopes Blockbuster management can't refuse - Russel Crowe's jockstrap from the movie Cindarella Man, free of charge.

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As you may have already heard, Russell Crowe generated quite a few headlines recently when he held a 'divorce auction' to raise money for just that - his divorce from wife Danielle Spencer.

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"We did though", he said, before yelling the famous line from Crowe's "Gladiator": "Are you not entertained?". The collection also includes a hood from "Robin Hood", a vest from "Les Miserables" and director's chairs for Crowe and Denzel Washington. The jockstrap used in the boxing film was reportedly worth a range from $500 to $600, according to broker Sotheby's who would be holding Crowe's auction. Crowe said he made $3.7 million from over 200 items, including furniture, guitars and movie souvenirs - but the jockstrap may have gotten the most attention. "I'm sorry it wasn't us, we didn't buy it..." before he immediately added: "We did, we absolutely did!" All the manager there needs to do to claim this stuff is to call within 48 hours.

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