Published: Mon, April 16, 2018
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Brexit: 'People's Vote' campaign group launched

Brexit: 'People's Vote' campaign group launched

"Our country's future is at stake and we will not stand idly by".

Sir Patrick said Jeremy Corbyn is a "puzzle" to him after he was pressed on how the Labour leader had sacked shadow cabinet members who have differing views on Brexit.

Nine grassroots anti-Brexit groups have joined forces in the new campaign which is demanding a public final say on the eventual Brexit deal Prime Minister Theresa May reached with Brussels.

"No-one had any idea what the consequences of Brexit were going to be".

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The People's Vote campaign is spearheaded by United Kingdom lawmakers of various parties, as well as celebrities and business leaders, British media report.

The British parliament's only Green MP, Caroline Lucas, said: "This is too big and too important to be determined exclusively by politicians". Tory Remainer Anna Soubry told the crowd in London that, whatever deal is done, "you and your grandchildren will be less prosperous than you are now".

"I think the best and right thing to do is to put it back to the people and say you can have a vote on this deal", she said.

Actor Patrick Stewart, a supporter of the People's Vote campaign, said campaigners were not asking for a second referendum, but rather wanted "another chance to consider what the terms of this divorce are going to be".

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"We will likely be making the case in Parliament, however that is too huge and too necessary to be decided exclusively by politicians", she mentioned.

Talking after about 1,000 opponents of Britain's exit from the European Union staged a "individuals energy" rally in London, he mentioned: "They're individuals who imagine within the frequent curiosity, who've all the time had at coronary heart the wants of everybody, not simply an elitist few".

"I'm a war baby, I was born in 1940, and when I began to be aware of the world that was around me, a lot of it was not good, so for me when we finally became part of that union it was one of the most exciting days of my adult life". "We're now trying to deliver on that mandate from the people".

X-MEN leader Professor X and Star Trek's Captain Jean-Luc Picard would have voted Remain, according to the actor who played the roles.

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Mocking the referendum campaign group with a Star Trek gag, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said: "We will be able to boldly go again to areas that perhaps we've neglected over the last 45 years".

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