Published: Sun, April 15, 2018
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Robert DeNiro's Mueller Scorches 'Focker' Michael Cohen (Ben Stiller) On 'SNL'

Robert DeNiro's Mueller Scorches 'Focker' Michael Cohen (Ben Stiller) On 'SNL'

This week's Saturday Night Live cold open had two major cameos, with Ben Stiller playing President Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen and Robert De Niro playing Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Once again, Stiller is strapped to a polygraph.

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Donald Trump had a wild week, beginning with the raid of the offices and residences of his longtime lawyer Michael Cohen, which the president called "a war on our country". Moments later, Robert De Niro stepped out (with some pretty fantastic facial prosthetics) as Mueller, who strapped Stiller into the lie detector for an wonderful re-creation of one of the most memorable scenes from their blockbuster 2000 comedy Meet the Parents. "I'll start with some easy ones: How'd you like that pee pee tape?"

"Ish", says Stiller. As for threatening people as part of his work, "Cohen" admits: "Let's just say I cut a lot of letters out of a lot of magazines". "I have an entire hard drive that's just labeled 'yikes!'" Cohen accused Mueller and his team of bias, which Mueller refuted by saying they use codenames for the President and his family to prevent emotion from coming into it. Cohen is now known as "Dead Man Walking". Federal Bureau of Investigation director Mueller, played by Robert De Niro, enters the room.

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"Yeah, like with a cow, or a goat. You can milk anything with nipples", the satirical Cohen answered.

"It's a disgrace! This whole raid was a violation of attorney-criminal privilege", Cohen says. "You broke the law and we're going to catch all you little 'fockers, '" he warned.

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The show was hosted by comedian and former Saturday Night Live writer John Mulaney with Jack White as musical guest.

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