Published: Sun, April 15, 2018
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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Grilled on Privacy by House Panel

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Grilled on Privacy by House Panel

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has told United States lawmakers that his personal data was also harvested and sold by Cambridge Analytica and he intends to initiate legal action against the British firm accused of stealing personal information and using it for political purposes.

They posted their biggest daily gain in almost two years on Tuesday as Mr Zuckerberg managed to deter any specific discussion about new regulations that might hamper Facebook's ability to sell ads tailored to users' profiles.

Facebook's shares were also up by 4.5 percent, closing at $165, over the course of the Senate hearing, its highest closing price since March 21, with its market capitalization swelling by $20 billion. Perhaps unsurprisingly, some panelists used the free format comment section to point out that they will use Facebook to look at what people post without engaging with the content.

Kogan denied handing over the information to Cambridge Analytica for use on any of its campaigns.

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"It's likely that Facebook users' concerns about their information being exploited by other companies are heightened after the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal, which prompted Zuckerberg's congressional testimony", Gallup analyst Justin McCarthy said in a statement.

Facebook is conducting an internal audit to discover how many third-party apps scraped user data.

"We heard feedback from thousands of parents and they want control over their communication with kids", Zuckerberg said.

The CEO also seemed ignorant of the term "shadow profiles", a commonly used term in technology that refers to data that Facebook collects about people who do not have Facebook profiles. Rep. Zuckerberg has told lawmakers that Facebook is still investigating what happened in the past with data breaches, and will continue to inform users of their rights and what tools are available to them.

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Zuckerberg said it's not true, not once, but twice, on the record, in front of Congress.

The data-harvesting app which gathered private information for Cambridge Analytica also collected users' private messages, The Guardian reported on Friday.

In that hearing, Zuckerberg apologized several times for Facebook failures and disclosed that his company was "working with" special counsel Robert Mueller in the federal probe of Russian election interference. I guess we'll see if this prompts a new era of people reading the print. That's partly because Facebook really does collect a lot of data about you-and in detailed ways you might not expect. Congressman, this is an important question, because I think people often ask what the difference is between surveillance and what we do.

Zuckerberg has earlier said Facebook will ensure that its platform is not misused to influence elections in India and elsewhere.

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