Published: Sun, April 15, 2018
Sci-tech | By Brandy Patterson

Apple threatens leakers with criminal action in leaked memo

Apple threatens leakers with criminal action in leaked memo

James Damore, an ex-Google engineer who shared a 10-page memo criticizing company policies, says he can't get a job after being fired (much like Apple's aforementioned threat) because Google is essentially "the don" or "godfather" of Silicon Valley.

Last year, Apple held a confidential meeting with employees in another bid to stop leaks.

Apple appears to have planned a Gold Apple iPhone X according to documents filed with United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC). It also mentioned 29 deliberate leaks were reported by the company past year. They hit the same day Apple released a red version of the iPhone 8, and a leaked memo showing fury from Apple execs over employee leaks. Apple warns that it "may seem flattering" to be approached for information, but that in end, "you're getting played". This message was then promptly leaked to Bloomberg, where it can be read in its entirety.

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Apple didn't specify who was arrested or what they were charged with.

It makes sense why a company such as Apple wants to keep its product details private until they are primed for release to the public.

The report mentions instances in the past where information was leaked to journalists and how that could give its competition a lead time to take corrective measures in their product portfolio so as to compete with Apple.

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To recall, leading up to last year's iPhone launch event, rumours indicated that iPhone was expected to release in three colour variants. Although the documents in the filing were processed in September 2017, there are indications that Apple prepared them as early as July. The risk is entirely on the Apple employee who passes along the information. In the memo, the employees were threatened with losing their jobs if they revealed trade secrets.

"The potential criminal consequences of leaking are real", said Apple's Global Security's Tom Moyer.

These leaks come from direct employees, contractors, and suppliers and include information about future products and software features. They are the result of a decision by someone who may not have considered the impact of their actions.

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