Published: Sat, April 14, 2018
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Russian Federation spies Skripals for five years

Russian Federation spies Skripals for five years

Mr. Skripal remains hospitalized almost five weeks after he was poisoned, but his daughter, Yulia, has recovered and was moved to a secure location this week.

Britain has said the use of such an obscure poison indicates Moscow was either to blame or had lost control over its nerve agents. It describes their analytical process, which included drawing blood independently from the victims and doing their own on-site forensics. "Specialised decontaminated techniques" were also used to help them heal.

The Skripals were targeted by a nerve agent attack that left both of them critically ill for weeks. He stressed that Russia's criticism of the way the United Kingdom chose to engaged the OPCW in the case did not amount to doubting the merits of the report.

There are several variants of Novichok, a binary weapon containing two less-toxic chemicals that, when mixed, react to produce a poison several times more lethal than sarin or VX.

But which state? That's not exactly an Agatha Christie stumper, either.

"Russia has a proven record of conducting state-sponsored assassination".

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He also said Russia had a clear motive for attacking Skripal, a former Russian military intelligence officer who had been imprisoned in Russia for spying for Britain only to be set free in a spy swap in 2010.

"The British government still hasn't produced any evidence in support of its position that would confirm their official version", he told a news conference at the Russian embassy in London.

Certainly everyone does now.

Ms Skripal said she was treated with "such kindness" at Salisbury District Hospital, and is missing the staff there. Russian Federation wants Yulia back, but she's not interested.

Sedwill's letter to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation chief detailed the grounds on which British authorities hold Russian Federation responsible of a suspected nerve agent attack targeting Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury six weeks ago.

Meanwhile, Russia's ambassador has accused the British authorities of destroying evidence in the Salisbury nerve agent attack.

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"At the moment I do not wish to avail myself of their services, but, if I change my mind I know how to contact them".

Until that time, I want to stress that no one speaks for me, or for my father, but ourselves. Her father remains in the hospital but British health officials say he is improving.

Yakovenko also said a refusal to their demands to provide consular assistance to Yulia Skripal - a Russian citizen - was a breach of the Vienna Convention.

It insists that the nerve agent used on the Skripals could easily have been manufactured in any other country with an advanced chemical research programme.

The embassy expressed surprise that the statement had been published at Scotland Yard's website instead of being read out by Yulia on camera. "So far, we doubt it much".

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